Ricardo Antonio Torres Zapata / CANADA, Phone: (604) 5519489

Ricardo Antonio Torres Zapata / CANADA, Phone: (604) 5519489

Superb Leadership for Advertising , Marketing , Design , and Web Programmer



I am a Digital Media Specialist , highly creative , strategic , positive and likely to work in team environment. Consecutive  savvy Graphic Designer my goal is  to obtain a position where I can use my love for art , organisational and social skills to offer high quality service in several  areas as:


Concept and Artwork, Illustration, Insights, planning and customer service.

Social Media Marketing leadership and KPI results.  

Multimedia Design including print, web and mobile.



Full knowledge of Suite Adobe ,  HTML – CSS HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, J query and Flash.- 3D and Animation .

Expert developing and launching  websites.  


Exellent service, customers managing  projects, adjusting requirements and 

meeting deadlines.


Wide experience planning and interact any personality in social media arena.

Fluent English and Spanish (spoken & written)




Digital Media Consulter Since 2014 | Armonia in Design Inc. 


•  Creation of company image 

•  Illustration of posters fit on nearly any wall space and large posters 

•  Printing and graphic experience 

•  Corresponded managed and developer web sites and photography 


Graphic Designer at company CorpoGestion. | 2013


•  Website builder using: HTML – CSS, HTML5, CSS, C++ and Flash. 

JAVA SCRIPT, Jquery (for banners and displays).


Creative Director for University Jorge Tadeo Lozano | 2012


•  Head creative director attended Insights, brainstorming, 360 strategies and BTL.

Health care at Barcelonas Cotolengo Hospital - Spain | 2012 

•    I worked as nurse taking care of mentaly  damaged kids .




Certificating in Social Media Marketing at Canadian College  (2015) .

(( 2011 - 2012 ) won Magnus Scholarship for Spain Erasmus )

Instituted European of Design,3RD year  Art Direction. 

University Jorge Tadeo Lozano . Bachelors Degree in Advertising ( 2009 - 2013 ) . 



 | Animation | audio visual effects | Graphic experience | Edition


 Branding and Product placement | Illustration of posters | 

 Printing and Graphic experience using: 

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Encore

Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Flash Professional

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro


HTML – CSS , HTML5, CSS, C++ and Flash.  JAVA SCRIPT, J query


Professional photography: Product shots | Advertising | Commercial | Art | 

| Space Landscapes | Environment| Fashion Motion | Day & Night | Macro |

| Lifestyle Portrait | Lifestyle | Black and White.


Creativity | Insights |brainstorming | strategics | tactics | 360 campaings | on-line - BTL |




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